Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings

To us, the best dentistry is dentistry no one knows is there. We want you to have a natural white smile that you can be proud to show off. If you do require restorative work we want to match your natural teeth so well that no one will ever know you had a cavity. Drs. Shah and Velilla in Detroit Metro are the team that can restore your smile without anyone knowing.

Why would I need a tooth colored filling?

There are multiple reasons we may decide to place a tooth colored filling. First, if you have amalgam fillings (metal) that you either don’t like or if there is recurrent decay occurring around the restoration, we can remove the amalgam and the decay and replace it with tooth-colored composite.

Or, if you come in for your regular exam and we determine you have new decay, we may discuss removing the decay and placing a composite filling.

Benefits of tooth colored fillings

First, tooth colored fillings simply look better than metal. We customize the material to match your tooth shade so the only thing people will notice when you smile, is your smile! Also, the composite material used allows us to preserve more of your natural tooth structure during the filling process, which long term is always best. Composite does not expand and contract like metal, so the risk of the tooth cracking or breaking is greatly reduced.

Some facts about tooth decay

We know much more about tooth decay than ever before. There are several risk factors that increase your likelihood of experiencing decay. Many people believe sugar is the only culprit, but fighting the disease is much more complex than “brush, floss and don’t eat sugar.” Cavities are a bacterial imbalance in the biofilm of the teeth. When too many of the bacteria in your biofilm are producing acid, demineralization or decay of the tooth structure happens. If, we can shift the environment of the mouth to favor non-acid producing bacteria, your mouth will stay healthy.

Risk factors for tooth decay

  • Medication use that causes dry mouth
  • Dry mouth or xerostomia
  • Poor diet
  • Snacking frequently
  • Sipping acidic beverages
  • Having decay in the past
  • Parents with tooth decay
  • Poor home care
  • Not having a dental home
  • Having special needs
  • Oral appliances (braces, mouth guards, night guards)

The good news is visiting the dentist often will reduce your risk. Other protective factors include:

  • Using dental products with a neutral pH
  • Using dental products that contain fluoride
  • Using dental products that contain xylitol
  • The use of an antibacterial rinse if appropriate
  • Proper home care
  • Limiting snacking and sipping though out the day

Kid’s Fillings

Children are much more likely to contract cavities and tooth decay than adults, because they lack the motor skills and the education to properly care for their teeth yet. But don’t worry, as long as you bring them in twice yearly for regular cleanings and exams, we will ensure that we catch any signs of decay early on, and do our best to stop it in it’s tracks. We use the most advanced laser technology so you can forget about shots and drills. Our team is gentle and compassionate, and will make sure their dental filling experience is anything but scary or uncomfortable.

Drs. Shah and Velilla will take excellent care of your mouth. We will let you know what we can do to help you prevent further decay, and if there is current decay we can take care of it without anyone ever knowing you had a cavity. If you have any questions about tooth colored fillings, or would like to schedule an appointment with your Detroit Metro dentists, Dr. Shah & Dr. Velilla, please contact our Novi dental office today at (248) 427-9003.

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