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Feel confident in bringing your entire family to the office of Shah & Velilla DDS for all their dental care needs. Located in Novi, Michigan and serving families in the Detroit Metro area, Sanjiv Shah, DDS, and Morris Velilla, DDS, provide compassionate oral health care to people of all ages. Get your whole family served conveniently in one office. Book an appointment today by phone or with the online tool.

Family Dentistry Q & A

Why should I visit a family dentist?

A family dentist addresses the oral health needs of all ages – from the very young to the elderly. Children, for example, have different dental care needs and concerns compared to adults. The doctors at Shah & Velilla DDS care for baby teeth, permanent teeth, and restored teeth.

When you visit a family dentist, all of your dental needs are met in one office. You can benefit from an array of services, such as dental restorations, pediatric care, and cosmetic dentistry. If you have more than one child, each with different needs, Shah & Velilla DDS can help. You might have one child that needs a filling and another than requires Invisalign® -- both services are available from the practice. Meanwhile, your oral health care needs can also be met.

When should a child first visit the dentist?

Creating good oral health care habits at a young age helps promote a healthy smile for life. Your child should visit the dentist once their first tooth appears or by their first birthday. Cavities can develop on baby teeth, which are important to long-term oral health.

What services are available through family dentistry?

Preventive care services offered at Shah & Velilla DDS include education about good oral hygiene. The doctors teach every member of your family about proper brushing and flossing and how important it is to keep up with regular professional cleanings.

The doctors also identify cavities early so they can be successfully treated. Periodic fluoride treatments, monitoring of gum disease, and teeth-straightening services with Invisalign® are also available. If you have other cosmetic concerns, such as discoloration or gaps, these can also be addressed.

What benefits does visiting a family dentist provide?

For your convenience, you can schedule an appointment for several family members at the same time. This saves you time driving yourself and children to the dentist for checkups and cleanings. Plus, you get to become familiar with the doctors and form trust. All of your dental records reside in one place.

The doctors are compassionate with children and adults while offering the highest quality dental work.

To take advantage of dental care that meets the needs of your entire family, call the office of Shah & Velilla DDS, or book an appointment online today.